Session 7- Seminar: Virtual Agendas


Seminar: Virtual Agendas

 Today was our last seminar where we all discussed our experiences so far. We got into groups and identified the potentials and challenges faced around VR. We placed VR in context by discussing several factors including:

  • Fears and anxieties
  • Big deep questions
  • Ideas and speculations
  • Inspirations and excitement
  • Improvements

Some of our fears and anxieties in regard to the field of VR were the problems faced in virtual crime. We started questioning whether video games for example: GTA make people violent? Nowadays even kids are exposed to these violent games allowing them to leap into the world of violence. Without being aware of this, I believe kids in particular start believing that the use of weapons makes them appear cool. This results in the lack of criticality, increasing the rate of gangs and violence.

Another key issue that we discussed was about the use of VR within the military and remote-controlled applications. We thought this itself was frightening because what will happen when weapons are no longer attached to humans? Once VR starts to improve, how will these powerhouses use it to their advantage?

We also debated on whether these virtual worlds can affect people on social levels. Will people start becoming dependent on VR/ stimulation better than reality? This itself will result in people losing touch with humans. Which will then mean we will start suffering from an identity crisis where everyone will be in their own utopia.

Our big deep questions were based around the possible social and cultural changes after the improvements within VR. Who will determine boundaries and regulations of virtual worlds? E.g. regulations vs innovation and will this isolate us? And is VR really necessary? What is the real point of it? / solution without a problem.

Ideas and speculationsI believe technology is the main factor that will be affected. The advances of VR will impact our oncoming generation. Virtual reality will most definitely make people lazier as everything will be done through technology.

We also spoke about our inspirations and excitement. Virtual reality will transform the way we will interact with each other, enabling us to feel closer to individuals/ remote sensory connections. We discussed how eventually we would be able to try out clothes and makeup virtually without physically being at stores. We all agreed that VR will be a platform that will help develop our current practices including textiles, interiors or graphics.

Finally, some of the improvements we feel should be made in VR is for it to be more of a sensory experience. (Especially in the area of touch.) This will make it more of an immersive experience.

Figure 11. Virtual Agendas group assignment
Figure 12. Virtual Agendas group assignment